3 Myths About Self Storage

January 1, 2019

Myth: Self-storage facilities are expensive

While it may be cheaper to just clutter up your own living space and live around boxes, it doesn’t save you frustration or time. It is possible to find reasonable storage in your budget in most areas. Prices will vary depending on location, size of the unit and any extra amenities you may want for your unit. Our tip is to choose the correct size, which means you will not pay for more space than you need, and skip on any extra add-ons that aren’t necessary for your situation.

Myth: Self-storage isn’t safe, or my items will be stolen

We’ve all been led to believe at one time or another that storage units are some shady places where criminals lurk, but that just isn’t the case. These facilities are more secure than you think. Video surveillance and gated entry are often standard security features at self-storage facilities. Look for facilities that are well-lit, have a gate with personalized codes and are fully equipped with video surveillance. While no place can be completely safe from theft, these protections can reduce the risk of loss.

Myth: Anyone who uses a storage unit is a hoarder or a pack rat

There may be some cases of hoarding or pack ratting when it comes to storage units, but on the flipside, putting some of your items in storage can allow you to de-clutter your home! Sure, you may hold onto some items for a little longer than you would if you didn’t have the space - but if you stay organized and realistic, a storage unit can be a great solution and really help clear out your house and garage from clutter. In other words, get ready  to park in your garage again! A storage unit is perfect for holiday décor, extra furniture pieces or something you’re hoping to pass down to future generations.


We hope to have cracked some of the big myths about storage units for you. Finding the perfect self-storage unit for your needs can be easy with Noah’s Ark Self Storage. 

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