3 Tips To Store Your Boat

September 10, 2019

Boat on water, boat storageSummer is winding down, and boat storage may be floating around in your head. Properly winterizing your boat for storage is important to have it ready to use when spring comes back around. Below are three major tips to correctly prepare your boat for winter storage.

Clean Inside And Out

Since you’ve been using your boat for adventures and relaxation all summer, you may have missed some spills or not kept up with cleaning it. Now that you won’t be using your boat for a while, be sure to thoroughly clean it inside and out. This step is important so that you don’t open your storage up to any foul odors in the spring. After you’ve cleaned the exterior, apply a rust inhibitor to any metal surfaces, as well as steering cables, to protect your boat from rusting. By cleaning your boat, you will also be able to find any damages that may have gone unseen and repair them. While cleaning the interior, be sure to store any cushions or flotations devices to prevent mildew. Prop open drawers, and empty out the refrigerator to prevent moisture buildup. 

Prepare The Engine And System 

After cleaning the interior and exterior of your boat, you need to pay attention to its engine and system counterparts. The engine blocks, coolers and manifolds need to be drained, and the gearcase needs to be drained and filled with lubricant. Your hot water heater, water tanks and port-a-potty need to be drained and filled with non-toxic antifreeze for preservation. Antifreeze should also be added to the water system supply lines and cooling system. Fill the gas tank completely to prevent fuel spoilage, and add a stabilizer to the tank. Change the oil and transmission fluid for your boat, as long-term storage can thicken dirty fluids. 

Properly Cover Your Boat 

While this step may seem unnecessary for boats stored in covered storage facilities, it is very important. A cover will help prevent dirt or dust from piling on - but make sure the cover is well ventilated. Fabric co vers allow the boat to breathe while also providing protection.

Winterizing your boat is important to protect it while it’s in storage, and insurance companies typically won’t cover any damages if the boat has not been maintained over time. At Noah’s Ark Self Storage, we provide excellent storage facilities in Florida and Texas for all your boat needs and more!

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