4 Items Not to Put Into Self-Storage

November 19, 2019
Whether you’re moving, downsizing or you need a place to put that grand piano you swore you were going to learn how to play, a storage unit can be a lifesaver. However, once you decide to move something into self-storage, you probably won’t see it again for a few years. Here’s a few items you should definitely NOT sentence to a life in self-storage, because they may not survive!

1. Hazardous Materials

This will always be at the very top of the list. Anything that can cause substantial damage to your storage unit should not be in your storage unit. This includes anything that’s flammable, corrosive or has the potential to be explosive. The owner of the facility can charge you for damages if you explode a unit. Don’t explode a unit. 

Examples: paint, gas tanks, car batteries, aerosol cans, fireworks, etc. 


2. Anything Living

This may seem obvious, but we want to make sure all our bases are covered. If you try to keep anything living in your storage unit, it will die. Plants, animals, your cousin Terry’s pet lizard that you are somehow now responsible for. None of them will survive the storage unit. 

3. Scented/Damp Items

Do you like rats and ants rummaging around your possessions? No? Then don’t store anything with a strong odor in your unit. Also, items that are wet or damp can very quickly create mold that can seriously damage your belongings.

4. Stolen Items 

Keeping stolen items in self-storage is a terrible idea. It is illegal to keep stolen items in a storage unit unless you have permission to keep them there from the rightful owner. If the manager of the storage facility suspects something illegal is going on, they won’t hesitate to call the police. That means you could be arrested. Don’t store stolen items in self-storage - or better yet, don’t steal. 
Now that you know what NOT to keep in your storage unit, it’s time to think about what your storage facility can do for you! Noah’s Ark Self Storage has five premium storage facilities throughout Texas and Florida. Use the online storage calculator today to learn what size Noah’s Ark storage unit fits your needs.
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