4 Tips for Boat Storage

February 1, 2019

Choose the right storage method

While it might seem easier to keep your boat docked, leaving boats in the water can lead to issues like sinking, storm damage, paint erosion, barnacles and theft. Storing a boat in your driveway or garage takes up a ton of space and can also cause damage from the elements or pests, and it leaves your boat vulnerable to theft, as well. By choosing a secure storage rental, you help keep your boat safe.


Prepare your boat for storage

Boats cannot be taken to boat storage without preparation. Check all mechanical aspects of your boat for proper function. The most important thing to check is the engine. Change your oil to ensure that there is no water or acid in it. Fill up your fuel tank and add a gasoline stabilizer, as well. Spray fogging oil on your engine to protect its moving parts and grease your steering mechanism. All of these steps will make sure that your boat functions properly when you take it out of storage.


Remove valuables and vulnerable interior parts

Storage facilities are completely secure, but it’s still a good idea to remove any valuables that may be stored in your boat to make sure you don’t lose track of them. Additionally, if you have any parts of your boat that could potentially be damaged such as leather, canvas or fabric, remove them before storage. Add a boat cover to protect your boat from dust, dirt or other elements during transport.


Check up on your boat

Don’t leave your boat for the entire winter without checking up on it. Visit your boat from time to time to check that it is still in good condition. Run the engine each time to ensure that it will be able to run when you remove it from storage. By checking on your boat, you will know that it will be ready to go the next time you want to use it.


If you’re looking for a secure storage facility for your boat, consider Noah’s Ark Self Storage. With our premium storage facilities throughout Texas and Florida, you have plenty of options for convenient, personal storage. 

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