Do I need Storage Insurance?

December 1, 2019

What is storage insurance?

Storage insurance is used when you’re storing your personal belongings in a facility besides your home. Usually referred to as “off-premises” personal property coverage, this insurance can help protect your belongings such as appliances, electronics, furniture and other personal items from the elements and other risks. These risks can include fires, natural disasters and theft.


Where do I get it from?

You can purchase storage insurance from different places. In fact, it may even be a part of your homeowners insurance and referred to as “off-premises” personal property coverage. Another way to purchase it can be from the self storage facility that you’re using. Sometimes these facilities actually offer the insurance directly from them, but it may be a very basic coverage rather than full coverage of your items. Check with both your insurance provider and your storage facility to see what they have to offer.


Why do I need it?

If you don’t have coverage on your personal belongings and something tragic (like a fire or natural disaster) occurs, you may end up losing all of your stored items. And if you don’t have the help of insurance to cover the costs of replacing those items, you may have a hard time working out the finances to replace them.


It’s important to purchase storage insurance if you plan on using a self storage facility. And most of the time, facilities will require that you have it before storing your items away.


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