Dos and Don'ts of Storing Your Vehicle

April 1, 2020

Do: Make sure it's safe

Before doing anything to your vehicle, you have to make sure it’s being stored in a safe spot. Know if there is security, fencing and surveillance at all times. The last thing you want is to check on your car after a month and find it’s not there anymore. Luckily, some, but not all, insurance companies offer coverage to protect your car in storage.

Don’t: Store a dirty car

You can’t just drive in and out of the storage unit as much as you please. You must clean the exterior and interior of the vehicle before leaving it. Debris, dirt and salt can cause the paint to corrode and rust.  Make sure to add a coat of wax after washing and drying. Vacuum all of the trash and food from your car so it doesn’t attract pests. Don’t forget about your trunk!

Do: Have your car in top condition

Before storing your vehicle for a few months, make sure all of your vital fluids have been filled. You should also change your oil and filter or else it can corrode the engine over time. In fact, it’s best to make sure your car is updated on all repairs while you’re at it. Right before going to the storage unit, fill your tires and gas tank, and add stabilizer so the gas doesn’t get stale.

Don’t: Leave it uncovered

Keeping your vehicle covered regulates the conditions it will face and protects it from elements if it’s parked outside. Covering up the tailpipes and rolling up the windows can also help prevent pests and insects from getting inside. Don’t forget to uncover the pipes before driving!

Do: Take care of the battery

The battery is going to lose a charge even though you are not using the vehicle for a while. Some people say to leave it unplugged and some say to take it out and leave it in a controlled climate. Some cars have a storage switch that can shut off the battery. Look at your owner’s manual to see what it says.

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