How To Properly Store Appliances

February 11, 2020

When we think of storing items, we imagine neatly packaging items in boxes and crates. But what do you do with the refrigerators you’re saving for your vacation home or your back-up washer and dryer? We’re here to give you a few self-storage tips to answer those questions. 

Washer and Dryers

With your washer, consider running an empty cycle without clothes to ensure that all the leftover detergent is washed away. Next, drain the pipes in order to relieve them of excess water. 

Dryers should be unplugged from the gas hose and all other wires before properly moving it. Completely clean the inside of the dryer for pieces of lint or dust.


Make sure to completely clean and disinfect your refrigerator to prevent attracting insects and fungus. When storing, align it upright so that the seal and the mechanisms inside do not get damaged.

It’s important to turn off your refrigerator the evening before in order for it to cool off to room temperature and defrost the freezer. It will be much easier to clean and move into storage.


Once you have cleaned your items, larger appliance should be placed in the truck last so that they are stored first. Place them in the back of the storage unit so that smaller and more frequently used items are at the front. 

Appliance storage isn’t complete without properly covering the items in a tarp or a bed sheet to protect the outer surfaces and prevent dust and dirt from entering. Be sure to leave the doors open to these appliances to get rid of humidity that could create mildew. 

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