How to Store Clothes In A Storage Unit

November 1, 2018

Clean and Wash Your Clothes Prior to Packing


Washing or dry cleaning your clothes before the big “pack away” is a great way to ensure they remain in good condition during their time in storage. Furthermore, cleaning your garments helps to prevent the spread of any preexisting germs and dirt to the rest of your storage unit.


Consider the Length of their Stay in the Unit


It is everyone's go-to to buy as many vacuum seal bags as they can find when it comes time to store their clothing. Vacuum seal bags are great - but only for short periods of time. In order to increase the longevity of your clothes, there needs to be a constant circulation of air to keep the fabric in good condition. If you know it might be a while before you get around to taking your clothes out of the storage unit, then consider plastic containers with lids or self-hanging boxes.


Pack with Care


When packing away your clothing items, it's important to try and avoid wire hangers and sharp creases or folds. Both wire hangers and sharp folds will damage the clothing and textiles over time. Use padded, plastic or wooden hangers and don't over pack your box to keep the creases soft. Another good tip is to throw a few cedar balls in the box to keep away the moths.


Go for a Professional, Climate-Controled Self-Storage Unit


There are many options when it comes to storage. Whether it be your attic, garage, shed or storage unit. opting for a unit in a professional self-storage facility is the best way to ensure the longevity of your clothes. Professional units guarantee to keep out insects, germs and dirt - while also being climate controlled. Investing in a professional unit is one of the best ways to improve the endurance of your garments.


Contact Noah’s Ark Self Storage today to find out how you can get your own professional, climate-controled storage unit.

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