How to Store Furniture The Right Way

April 1, 2019

Know your storage facility

First things first, know the details of what your self-storage facility offers. If it has climate control, there’s a good chance your furniture won’t be as exposed to the elements (extreme cold or extreme hot). However, if there is no climate control within the storage unit, it may be a good idea to put a layer of plastic on the floor of the unit. This will keep moisture from affecting your furniture.


Keep it clean

Cleaning your furniture before storing it away for a long period of time is the best way to keep dust and dander out of your storage unit. By cleaning everything first, your furniture is likely to stay in better shape for a longer time - and keep odors out of your unit.


Disassemble what you can  

If your furniture is able to be broken up into pieces, try to disassemble what you can before storing it away. This will help ensure your pieces are not damaged, and it will make the storing process much smoother.


Wrap it up

Storing fragile pieces can lead to some worries - what if something breaks while it’s stored away? To reduce the likeliness of this happening, wrap up all of your fragile pieces, such as glass items. For other, larger items, drape an old bed sheet over it to protect it from the elements that might make their way into your unit.


Be careful with perishable items

Finally, double check that you aren’t leaving any food or food wrappers around in your storage facility. The last thing you want is to attract bugs into your unit. And while most storage facilities will have their own form of pest control, make sure you’re keeping your unit as clean as possible.


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