Short-term storage vs Long-term storage

July 25, 2019

Short and long-term storage planning doesn’t have to be an extra stressor for you when you’re planning to move. Knowing ahead of time how you want to store things can save you many problems and decisions in the moment, as well as speed up the packing process. 

Determine What Kind of Storage You Need

First you need to determine what kind of storage you need. Short and long-term storage have a few differences, besides the obvious time frame. People often use short-term storage when not moving far from where they currently live. Many moving companies offer this service but vary in how long you can keep your items stored because of limited space. Long-term storage is typically for relocating to smaller residencies or for when you decide it’s time to take a year-long road trip through the U.S. 

Decide How Much You Need to Store

After determining which storage plan meets your needs, next you must decide how much you need to store. Many storage facilities offer a size and price estimator for what unit you may need to fit all of your items. For long-term storage, only pack what you can’t keep in your home. The more items you store, the larger unit you may need, meaning a larger monthly bill. 

Make Sure Your Items Are Correctly Packed

The next step, and perhaps the most important, is making sure your items are correctly packed. Ensure all breakables are wrapped well and boxes are stacked correctly. Boxes stacked incorrectly or even too high can result in damage to your items in both the short and long-term storage options. Spend the extra money on sturdy boxes, and consider vacuum-packing your clothes. For long-term storage, it’s a good idea to have someone check on your items every now and then in case a problem occurs.
Renting self-storage units for short or long-term storage lets you know exactly how your things are packed – compared to  full-service storage facilities where other people pack and store your items. In addition, self-storage companies like Noah’s Ark Self Storage give you full access to your storage unit.

If you’re looking for a self-storage unit, short or long-term, contact Noah’s Ark Self Storage today to schedule a tour! 

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