The Rules of Storing Electronics

March 16, 2018

Lots of things can happen to your electronics if they are not appropriately protected while in self storage. Electronics and their accessories run the risk of getting rust or mold if the atmosphere is not under control. You can also add the risk of things breaking when packed or stacked improperly.

It’s essential to protect your electronics while they are in self storage. But what can you do to eliminate the risk of damage? Take a look at our rules for storing electronics to make sure you keep your belongings safe while they are stored away.

Tips for storing electronics

1) Keep electronics off the ground

When you are placing items into your self storage unit, it may be wise to consider investing in storage shelves. By doing so, you can keep fragile items off the floor and away from potential damage. This goes for electronics, sensitive documents, and other things, too. Each could easily get damaged if boxes happen to collapse or a flood occurs.

2) Place clear labels on your boxes

When placing items in your self storage unit, try your best to label them correctly. This can do a few things for you. First off, it eliminates any confusion as to where your belongings are. Secondly, it will also help you when moving things around. You’ll be able to efficiently place heavier items on the floor while stacking lightweight items at the top.

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3) Store electronics towards the back of the unit

Another critical thing to remember when placing items in your storage unit is to set electronics to the back. When you put electronics towards the back of the unit, it helps protect the items from damage. You’re mostly adding layers of things in between your electronics. This helps protect them from a potential disaster.

4) Detach wires and other accessories

When storing your electronics, you must remember to detach any wires and accessories. Not doing so could potentially cause a problem. When you detach these items, you lower the risk of them getting tangled up. This will also lessen the risk of you dropping items, too, should you want to unpack them.

5) Choose a climate controlled unit

Just as important as keeping your electronics off the ground, you’ll want to place them in a climate controlled storage unit. A climate controlled unit will help you keep out humidity and keep your belongings in the best shape possible.

In conclusion

When placing your electronics and other belongings in a self storage unit, it’s essential to take precautionary measures. By protecting your electronics, you’ll both save money and eliminate the risk of having moving day regrets.

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